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Guaranteed the right temperature

Heating Group International guaranteed always the right temperature by means of the electric heating. You can see that as a mission which goes further than just deliver the products. is our expertise of engineering up to  commissioning which makes the difference between a product and a solution. With a reliable heating we guaranty the continuities from your processes.

When reliability matters. That’s our quote and it means what customs binds to us. Not for nothing, we enjoy the confidence of many companies in the oil and gas sector, industry and utility.

We have grown into an international player with a unique approach. On the one hand, we offer you the very best products for electrical heating. We are doing that quickly, completely and often out of stock. On the other hand, we are a solution-oriented service provider that realizes turnkey solutions. For clients and their installers we are a party which is close and glad to share their knowledge. A service provider has an answer to big and small issues.

If you know our history, you understand the composition of our product range. Heating Group International was founded under the entrepreneurial leadership of Ton Ippel. He added in a few years three companies or brands together: Mechaheat, Buveco and Jirlumar. Recently, we use the name “Heating Group International” as the primary name for all product groups. The name that has now been found is on many vendor lists and in many specifications.

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