Reliable heating solutions for hardening, pipelines and spaces.

Heating Group international has effective heating solutions for floors and hardening, pipelines and spaces. Solutions which are applied in parking garages of offices and apartment buildings, public parking garages and on logistics areas. Wherever:

  • slopes needs to be secured against freezing; from load docks and ramp till wheelchair ramps. With our ramp heating you’ve got a extremely effective and efficient solution. The electric heating is maintenance– friendly.
  • only if the weather conditions ask for it, turns the system automatically on. With this method you save energy
  • pipelines must be kept at a certain temperature and / or freezing must be avoided.
  • rooms need to be brought at temperature or hold. From technical rooms till annexed. Our electric heaters take care of desired temperature.

More and more architects, installers and clients choose for our solutions. That has to do with our high quality and reliability of the components used. But also with our way of work. Trough our flexibility and expertise we are a nice partner with every project.

Especially for the procurement and preparation of projects, we make standard text available. This allows you to quickly and accurately specify the right products. A guarantee that everyone has the same expectations of the heating solutions.