Heat Tracing

Heating Group International has developed its own heat tracing cable. We have used our long-term market and product knowledge to develop a high quality heating cable at a very competitive price.

With the heat tracing cables  (also known as heating ribbon) we’ve got a technical  high quality product in us that worldwide is used for freeze protection (for example sprinkler heads or water pipes) of process heating  (especially in the food industry, but also with oil refineries and in the  petro chemistry). With the technical expertise of our engineers we can offer you the best solution technically. Because, besides the supply of the heating cable, we also make the calculation and the design of the installation. If desired, we also assist in mounting the cables. The electrical cables can of course be supplied with a Heating Group control.

If you want to include the electric heating cable in your design, you can use our text. Do you want a copy of this? Then contact our heat tracing specialist.

Electric heat tracing among other things used in the industry, marine & offshore and the utility. The cables can serve for frost protection or maintaining temperatures. Important to know is that not every type of cable can be used for all applications. We would like to give you some advise about this.

A short overview of the different types of cables can be found below. More information can be obtained from our technical data sheets, or you can contact us for making a appointment for further advise.

Parallel self-limiting heating cable
The self-limiting heating cable fits through his semi conductive self-limiting kern his ability to the heat. This means that when the pipeline temperature rises, the power output of the cable drops and when the temperature drops, the power output rises. As a result, the cable can never overheat, even if the cable crosses itself. The self-limiting heating cable can be cut at any length. The maximum temperature is 300 ° C. This cable is used for frost protection and process heating.

Parallel constant ability heating cable
De constant ability heating cable disables a standard ability.  Because the disabled ability does not change it is important that the cable does not cross itself. This could cause the cable to overheat. In addition, Heating Group International recommends that these cables be thermostatically regulated. Due to the independent groups in the heating cable, the cable can not be cut at any point. Heating Group International has constant power heating cables in the range up to a maximum temperature of 350 ° C. The cables are used for frost protection and process heating.

Series heating cable
The series heating cable is made in size and disables a standard ability.  The advantage of the series heating cable is that long length (till 12 kilometer) are possible. next to that temperatures till 600°C can be achieved. The series heating cable is mostly used in the industry for process heating.

Mineral isolated heating cable

The  mineral isolated heating cable (MI cable) is a high temperature cable with metal mantels. The MI cable has a maximal temperature of 600°C. Heating Group International delivers MI cables with mantels from copper, copper-nickel and with stainless steel.