Ramp heating

It regularly happens that, due to economic considerations, the placement of ramp heating has not been scheduled before the construction phase of a project. Sometimes it even occurs that, after many years, it appears that the ramp heating that has been laid underground, does not work anymore. Would you like install sufficient, working ramp heating? Or would you like to start the renovation of ramp heating? Retrofit ramp heating by Heating Group International is the ultimate solution.

How can Heating Group International help in constructing a working ramp heating system?

Heating Group International acts as a main contractor in ramp heating and disaster recovery renovation projects, thereby eliminating the client’s concerns. If desired, we remove the existing finish, we install the new heating system. Afterwards, we apply the new finish. Also, traffic measures, such as lane closures, are taken care of. The end result is a working ramp heating system in a slope with a new final coat.

Benefit from warranty provisions

In the end, everyone needs the security that the driveway in front of your house is snow- and ice-free whenever you need it, and that it stays that way. Even in existing situations! Let Heating Group International alter the situation by constructing a high-quality ramp heating system and benefit from our warranty provisions. Would you like to know more? Contact us by calling the following phone number: +31 24 34 34 222.