The best solution for you and for your client.

Everywhere where surfaces, piping or processes have to be heated, Heating Group International offers a solution. A complete solution, because we deliver more than only the heating components, but also the control panel.  As specialists we can give you professional advise and assist you with the engineering. Even better: we’ve got our own installation team, which deals with the installation of ramp heating and tracing. For architects, a good reason to include our solutions in their specifications. For installers, the difference between a client and a partner.

And, that is how we like to co-operate with you; as a partner. And, that takes more than a good product. We try to assist you as much and as good as we can in all phases of the project. Sometimes with a small service – for example a personal engineering advice. Another time with a commercial solution – a quotation which is both quick and right and at the best price. The next time by extending our co-operation – by holding stock from your specific heating components. The more we get to know each other the more we can mean for you. Like our products are customization,  our service is like that.

The better we know eachother, the better we can serve you. Like our products, our service is cutomized.

Your client will appreciate your choice for Heating Group International also. When we install your installation, we even give up to 15 years guarantee when we also do the installing and your maintenance.

Curious for more possibilities?  Please take a look at our products and solutions at our website or contact us for a personal introduction.