Ramp heating is a safety resource. We are happy to see, that the number of builders who think they can economize on this is getting lower by the year. It is easiest and cheapest to have the ramp heating system installed directly at construction stage. Sometimes however this is not possible, it has been forgotten or initially not planned. In these cases we developed a retrofit ramp and road heating system to make also existing buildings safer.

By using a smart, weather related control, the use of energy is a neglect able factor. Heating Group took a look with KNMI at the average consumption and came out with a conclusion, that a Heating Group International ramp heating is switched on 100 to 150 hours a year in average. Depending of the installed power, the total power consumption can be easily assessed.

But, more important than the power consumption, is the fact that a ramp heating gives the guarantee of safety for people and material!

Heating Group acts as partner throughout the complete project. In our experience as market leader, we have acheived a level of knowledge of which we are happy to let our customers benefit.

We advise on the proper application of our product very early in the planning phase. We supply, if desired, concept descriptions to architects and advisors. After that Heating Group does the calculation for contractors and installation companies. In this way all market players have all information they need to serve their market.

Heating Group International differs from the other suppliers of ramp heating on the following details:

  • Heating Group International works as much as possible with cables, not with mats. This has the big advantage, that the heating elements can be cut to size exactly on one hand, and there is maximum flexibility in the installation phase on the other hand (it is almost normal, that sizes in reality differ from the drawing;
  • Heating Group International assembles and installs with our own installation crews and with our own toolings;
  • Heating Group always makes a pattern sketch in AutoCAD;
  • Heating Group offers service and maintenance again with our own teams. In this way you are assured that your system works implacable, Always! For our customers with a service contract, we guarantee minimum reaction time to fix any break down to the ramp heating system. Besides we extend our warranty period on the cables provided we have installed instead of 10 it will be 15 years.  When we also service the system, we even extend to 20 years!
  • Heating Group designs and builds control panels in our own workshop.