Heat Trace cable

Are you looking for a Heat Trace cable because you work in the industry sector, the marine or offshore sector or in the utility sector? Look no further: Heating Group International has all the electric heating equipment you have been searching for. We offer standard and tailored solutions that help you work efficiently and safely. Take a look on our website and find out what we can do for you.

Heat Trace cable for different uses

Heating cables have a certain resistance. Therefore, a Heat Trace cable can be used for different applications and purposes. Examples are:

  • Underfloor heating
  • Ramp and road heating
  • Electric heat tracing

Various kinds of electric heat tracing cables

At Heating Group International, we offer you various kinds of heating cables for heat tracing. You can find, for example, the parallel self-limiting heating cables, parallel constant ability heating cables, series heating cables and mineral isolated heating cables.

What is the best control system for your application? Lest us advise you!

When you are wondering what the best control system for your application is, we are happy to help you find the Heat Trace cable that assures you of a good operation. This way, you are always able to work in an efficient, reliable and safe way. Would you like to receive more information, or do you have any questions? Contact us by calling the following number: +31 24 34 34 222.


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