Cartridge heaters have been developed to generate a high heat output in a specific place. No other element form is able to create this powerful specific local heat.

The execution with stainless steel sheeting is suitable for use up to 750°C. Cartridge heaters of brass material can be used for temperatures up to a maximum of 350°C. When the elements are mounted correct, the life time is very long.

Typical areas of use are foundries, synthetic industry, rubber industry, plastics, textile, packing, glazing industries, laboratories and of course as a component for the retrofitting of existing conventional heating systems.

Cartridge heaters have a similar construction as a tubular element, but now the core is not a heating cable but a heating spiral. Heating Group International cartridge heaters are designed to be safe, economical and environment friendly.

For every use there are special designs. When we have not made your particular design yet, and it is to us in that sense not a standard, we design one fit for your purpose!

We look forward to go through your specific situation. We will then directly give you a personal and concrete advise on the type of connection and wiring, since the possibilities are enormous!

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