Silicone heat mat

Are you in need of a silicone heat mat? At Heating Group International, we can make silicone heating mats in almost every shape and size. This way, we can provide you with products that have optimum coverage and fit your wishes and needs in the best way. We can even design the heating mats with cut-outs, without disturbing the even heat distribution. The silicone heating mats can be supplied both self-adhesive or non-adhesive.

A flexible silicone heat mat with a fantastic heat diffusion

To make a silicone heating mat, silicone rubber is used. Silicone is a thin and light material with a low thermal mass. This has many advantages, for example:

  • A silicone heating mat reacts (with the right control) quickly to temperature fluctuations.
  • Silicone has excellent electric characteristics.
  • Silicone is resistant to high temperatures and to many chemicals.
  • By adding glass fibre to the rubber, the mechanical strength of the silicone heat mats is enhanced.
  • Silicone makes sure the mat has a continuously low temperature and a high power to be transferred.

Often, the mats are clamped or glued to the object that is to be heated. It is also possible to vulcanise the mat directly to a metal sheath. The maximum allowed working temperature for silicone heating mats is 200°C. A short overtemperature up to 230°C is allowed.

The best solution for your situation? Let us advise you!

The installation of a silicone heat mat can be made easier by using clamps, hooks, Velcro, and so on. Please let us advise you on the best solution for your situation.

Ask for our possibilities

Off course we develop, manufacture and supply you with the right control for these types of products, if needed. For the full beneficial use of this product, we do recommend a control. Please do ask for our possibilities by calling +31 24 34 34 222.