Teflon immersion heater

For heating up to around 120°C of chemical and/or aggressive liquids, a Teflon immersion heater by Heating Group International is the best solution. Why? The advisors calculate the composition of the Teflon coating of the element based on your input on the medium. Our heaters therefore ensure resistance to aggressive liquids. At Heating Group International, Teflon immersion heaters are available in both cylindrical and flat execution.

Teflon immersion heater available in many forms

Depending on the application and your purposes, you can choose the Teflon immersion heater that fits your wishes and needs best. At Heating Group International, we have Teflon immersion heaters available from:

  • 5 up to 15kW
  • 230V and 3x400V

Also, the heaters are available in various models. The elements need to be placed directly in the liquid and they should be completely submersed in the liquid at all times.

What is the best solution for your situation?

We are happy to advise you on the best solution for your situation. As stated earlier, we do need some data from you and we have to make a calculation for not only on the required power, but also on the composition of the Teflon coating.

Contact us for more information

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