Process heating

Examples of products designed and manufactured and/or supplied by Heating Goup International in the segment process heating, are:

Process heating, or industrial heating for processes is extremely wide. The basis however is always the same: the products we use are built on elements with a number of specific features or applications.

A common application is where the elements are welded into a flange as a bundle with a screwed or flange connection and installed into a process installation. The elements are in direct contact with the medium, because of that direct heating occurs. This type of process heating is called flange heater or flanged immersion heater.

Another common application of process heating is where the elements are mounted (again mostly welded in a flange) into a circulation vessel. The medium then is forced over the elements. The heating up of the medium is therefore even faster.

For process heating there are no standard solutions. And that is exactly where our power lies! It is not by coincidence that every year hundreds of both large and small companies find their way to the Heating Group International when they are looking for a solution for their heating problem.