Control panels

To us, heaters without control panels, is like a car without a steering wheel. For over two decades we have designed not just the heater, but also the controle and provided complete systems.

Since early 2011 we took an important step forward. Next to the designing of the control panels, we now build them in our own workshops too.
In this way we can assure and guarantee you, that heater and control have been fully fitted together and the end user gets the optimal solution.

We like to offer you a complete solution to your heating issue. Not only are we able to supply you a system which is completely fit for your situation and which is completely designed and built for you (you will receive no standard product, but a custom-made solution, as you are used to at Heating Group International). This means you can hand over the complete course of development, design, build (up to installation if desired) to one reliable partner, so truly one-stop-shopping!!!

The correct and efficient operation of any heating system is dependent largely on using the correct equipment for temperature measurements and on well designed and adapted control panels.

Heating Group supplies a full range of standard controllers, like Pt100, clixons, maximum thermostats, but also electronic thermostats.

As well as this, Heating Group International designs and builds complete, complex control systems. This section of our website will give you a good insight into our range of products, although this is only a small part our complete range it provides a good overview of our extensive capabilities.

As we carry out development ourselves with our extremely experienced heating professionals and also carry out the build ourselves, nothing is impossible when it comes to heating applications and control panels.

As the temperature measurement and control is such an important part of any process, we prefer to have a meeting up front with you in order to identify the correct solution for your specific situation. Our experience has shown us that the investment in time in this (pre-)engineering phase, pays off double in the execution phase and the commissioning phase.

It is not possible to give here a description of the Heating Group International control panels. Every control panel is different, every control is customer specific. We use either Solide State or a PLC. Please click here for more information, we love to come by and discuss your specific issue and to offer you without any obligation a tailor made solution.