Flange heater

A flange heater is commonly used in chemical and petrochemical industries for direct heating. When you want to use flange heaters and are looking for an expert that can help you find the heater that fits your intended use, Heating Group International is here to help. Flange heaters are characterised by high-quality and their safety. We offer complete systems, turnkey solutions and, above all, customised and reliable solutions.

Direct heating with a flange heater: how does that work?

A flange heater (also called flanged immersion heater or short flange heater) is a heating unit, mounted by means of a bolted flange to a process installation. This way, the elements of the heater are in direct contact with the medium that must be heated or kept at a steady temperature. Any kind of fluid or liquid, like water, oil or gasses (e.g. nitrogen, air, damp), can be subject to this direct heating.

Diverse range of models made from various materials

At Heating Group International, we offer a diverse range of models made from various materials. Depending on your purpose, you can choose flange heaters made of steel, stainless steel or other available materials. The connection box can be fully adapted to the demands of the user in terms of dimensioning and colour. Heating Group International will offer you any RAL colour for the connection box at only very little additional cost. Next to that, our heaters can be supplied:

  • In power outputs up to 5MW (5.000kW)
  • In electrical tension up to 3x690V
  • In sizes up to DN500
  • In pressures up to 600 bars

Heating Group International is your local expert in explosion proof process heating. The above described flange heaters are also available with ATEX certification.

Heaters that satisfy all valid norms and inspections

All the heaters for process heating we supply at Heating Group International comply with the valid norms (PED and ASME norms, but also EN13445) and can be supplied including an inspection by a third (notified) body. Are you interested in buying a flange heater? Contact us by calling +31 24 34 34 222 to get your questions answered and to place an order.