Cabinet heater

Find your suitable cabinet heater in our extensive assortment. At Heating Group International, we are committed to providing custom heating solutions to all our clients. We serve many industries and therefore have a broad range of heating equipment on offer. A cabinet heater can be used for many purposes and the use of such heaters has become more standard in recent years.

Do you need a cabinet heater? We help you find the right one

Our heating experts are always on standby to help you find the right type of cabinet heater. The increase in usage of these heaters is easily explained. It coincides with the number of control cabinets, switch panels and housings in which a constant temperature needs to be maintained. Because many industries are modernising and more and more computer are used, the cabinet heater found a new purpose. Furthermore, many benefits come with using our explosion proof heaters:

  • They prevent built-in electronic components from overheating
  • They prevent the condensation of components
  • They stop moist and corrosion from damaging components
  • They offer frost protection
  • They limit temperature differences

Do you often experience heat-related problems?

If you have trouble maintaining a certain temperature in your server cabinet or other cabinets where a lot of electric equipment is operated, get in touch with us. A cabinet heater from Heating Group International will definitely solve your problems. Contact us via email or +31 24 34 34 222. Also, we sell many more types of heaters. For instance, the ones used in element heating.