Fan heater heavy duty

Heating Group International fanheaters type VLE are used in areas where there are more stringent requirements for durability, materials and performance. Typical areas of use of a fan heater heavy duty are on ships, in offshore situations (like on an oil rig), but also in certain (larger) production areas and warehouses.

As you are used from us, we off course also design these fanheaters to your requirements when you can not find a suitable heater in our standard range.

The VLE fanheaters can be produced with a power from 3kW up to 150kW and with a voltage up to 3x690V, suitable for both 50Hz and 60Hz. The electrical components are IP44 or IP66 protected.

The casing of the fanheaters can be produced in galvanised steel, AISI 304 and AISI 3016L. The tubular elements which are also here the heart of the heater are executed in stainless steel or in any other corrosion resistant material.

These fanheaters are also equipped with a thermostat (0 – 40°C), including overtemperature control at 110°C by a thermal fuse.

Together with you we investigate the possibilities to optimize power and supply to your application. Another option is to make some electric adaptations in the current control circuit, like a connection for an external thermostat or making alarm contacts available.

As you are used from us, we design and manufacture on demand and according to specification. En that off course is also the case for these heavy duty fan heaters.

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