Finned tube air heaters are constructed as an electrical heated tube, which diffuses its heat naturally through convection. Because of its construction, this finned tube air heater is robust and fully maintenance free. The CB series finned tube air heaters are most commonly used for space heating, additional heating, frost free keeping, anti-condensation, but can off course be used in much more areas.

The Heating Group International® finned tube air heater (also convector) type CB is a heater consisting of a tube with rolled in ribs, which distributes its heat by convection and to a small extent by radiation.

Inside the convector a tubular heating element provides the heating. The convector is shock proof and has a sustainable, hard powder coated protective layer. The assembly is IP65 and conforms to the latest CE directives.

Finned tube air heaters are often placed in moist rooms and industrial environments with high demands such as elevator shafts, in ships, in drying rooms, but also at gas stations and pump rooms.

Ex Heating has a range of standard finned tube air heaters, the Heating Group International range CB. Off course next to that, we also have other voltages and powers available. Please ask us for the possibilities.

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