Oil & Gas

ATEX heating solutions. For offshore and onshore.

The ATEX heating solutions of Heating Group International are used offshore and onshore: at oil rigs and on petrochemical plants. And that is not by chance: our air duct heaters, flange immersion heaters and heat tracing systems comply to the highest standards. They are designed for maximum reliability, availability and safety. Off course standard manufactured according to the newest ATEX / IECEx directives.

As a company we are not ATEX certified yet, so we can not work with only our Heating Group products. We have a large network of fabricators for the best ATEX solutions we can work with. We can always offer a solution.

Both oil and gas companies and their installation companies value our solutions.

  • Complete ATEX heating solutions for end user who want to give full responsibility for hardware and control to one expert.
  • Swift deliveries of standard and custom-made components for installation companies which are responsible for maintenance and repairs.


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