The Heating Group® ex fanheaters are designed for industrial application, inside in a dry environment. Typical areas of use are oil refineries, petrochemical plant, pulp and paper factories, flammable waste storage, waste water plants, and other areas where specific flammable gasses or materials can be around.

In recent years, Heating Group has been able to carry out many projects on oil drilling platforms in the North Sea. Our FE heaters did almost become standard.

All FE heaters feature the VacuCore® liquid-to-air heat exchanger, which provides more efficiency, faster warming and even heat dissipation. The core can be completely exchanged.

A safe choice in any industrial environment

In logistical and production environments electric heat tracing, process or room and space heating are often a crucial factor. Anywhere temperature is an essential parameter, Heating Group International offers the solution with electric heating products and systems. With the Heating Group International electric heating systems you will have full control over your temperature and thus your processes. A reliable and safe (ATEX if applicable) part of your process, that is our promise: Heating Group International, when reliability matters!

We supply a very wide variety of heating solutions. Always a bespoke answer to your question.

  • Complete solutions for clients who wish to hand the full responsibility for hardware and control to one competent partner.
  • Swift deliveries of standard and custom-made components for installation companies, contractors and technical departments of companies responsible for service, maintenance and modernizations.

Heating Group International; when reliability matters in small or large processes !