EX Heat Tracing

Heating Group International BV offers a very wide high quality range of ex heat tracing cables and mats for pipe, tank, barrel and container heating, off course including the necessary ancillaries and control devices.

Ex heat tracing cables are used as frost protection of pipes, barrels and tanks and for maintaining process temperatures in industrial areas. Off course our full range of heat tracing cable also consists of explosion proof cables with full ATEX (IECEx) certification.

The applications are in the field of frost protection, anti-condensation, defrosting, maintaining a (process) temperature, heating up and melting of products.

De ex heat tracing systems of Heating Group International are besides used at ships, FPSO’s and oilrigs, since normally in these applications electricity is the only available source of supply.

The power to be installed is calculated by the heat loss, plus the necessary power to heat up. In order to keep the heat loss as little as possible, it is of utmost importance to isolate well.

We have a considerable stock volume of almost all types of ex heat tracing cables, with thermostats and other ancillaries. A tailor-made control will take us a few days to build for you. If you need a couple of (hundred) meters of cable including tape and termination kits, we can supply you within 1 working day.

Our engineers are happy to design for your specific situation a bespoke solution. Try us!