Professionals at home in the oil & gas industry.

The specialists of Heating Group International design custom made heating solutions. To us this is not only maintaining the desired temperature or realizing the wanted temperature rise for your process, within the constraints given. Together with you, we think on optimizing your processes. Which parameters can make the difference? Maybe you can increase your process flow, the accuracy of the temperature, lower your maintenance costs or save on your energy expenses.

To optimize your processes, we think in integral solutions: heaters and the control of them. That is unique. We are product specialists and engineers at the same time. We do the designing, but we also build our control panels. We supply the heaters, but we integrate them into your installation as well.

All components are fit together by our team of engineers, and our comprehensive solution is fit to your process. Design, production, installation and commissiong is done completely by us if you want. Off course we take care of the FAT and SAT, if necessary together with a NoBo.

Off course we comply to the standards within your organization. You would however not be the first client starting to use our solutions as the standard. Heating solutions by Heating Group: a calming certainty in environments where reliability, continuity and safety are key.

Heating Group International: When reliability matters!