Tubular heater

When you want to heat water, oil or other liquids, a tubular heater can help you do this in an efficient and safe way. At Heating Group International, we design, manufacture and deliver all kinds of tubular elements that fit your purpose. Whether you work in the oil or gas sector, the industrial sector or the utility sector, we provide you with complete and reliable solutions. If needed, we even create tailored designs to satisfy your wishes and needs in the best possible way.

The tubular heater design by Heating Group International

Because every company is different, it is logical you need a particular tubular heater for your specific purposes. Therefore, tubular heaters by Heating Group International come in many shapes and sizes and the design of the tubular heater is adjustable. For example:

  • The heaters are available in lengths up to 3000mm
  • The heaters are available in almost any bending form, supplies and power
  • The heaters are available with many accessories for mounting
  • The heaters are available with ribs

The heating of plates, injection moulds, tubes, plates and hot air welding in the synthetics and rubber industry, becomes easier and more efficient by using a tubular heater.

Tailored advice

At Heating Group International, we do not only offer you tailored solutions, but also personal advice. Do you need extra information on the tubular heater? Or do you want to know more about the possibilities of element heating? Call +31 24 34 34 222 and talk to one of our specialist to see what we can do for you.


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